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Website Wireframing

Apparently the drawing I did yesterday is an example of the wireframe design concept. I had no idea and had never heard about it until a friend gave me this link:

Pretty nice and seemingly helpful design guide, and I’m absolutely planning to use some of those techniques as I continue trying to hack an original design together.

Anyway, thank you, anonymous (unless they comment) friend!

Edit: I forgot to add another “drawing” that I did yesterday. Enjoy!

Design Idea!

I came up with an idea for how I want to design my website! Yay!

FYI: I’m mostly posting this here for my own personal benefit. And to satisfy my promise to have relatively frequent posts. I figured I’d publish a post about it because I find it amusing. There really isn’t much to it. You probably won’t find it amusing.

Yes I made that in Paint. Be jealous.