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How many times have I said I’m going to start blogging regularly again?

Add one to that count.

So many things have happened since my last post that I’ve got quite a few posts to make to catch up. My recent vacation/recharge really made me want to rededicate myself to enjoying my life. I’ve been working like crazy for many months, both at my real job and with SideQuest/RTX, so I want to get back to having fun by playing more video games, reading books, blogging, etc. Step one is going to be creating a gaming schedule. I want to plan out when and what I play, and do so in a way that I optimize my enjoyment. I also want to recap RTX and SideQuest, as well as my vacation. As far as books go, I’ve finally started building my digital library via Amazon’s Kindle store, and I’m working my way through several books. I’m also looking into ComiXology as a way to keep up with comics, but I think that might end up being a bit too expensive of a habit for me.

So basically, you’ll be seeing more of me over the next few weeks/months. At least until football season starts. Then we all know where I’ll be!

PS: I’m also going to finally kill the absurd thought that I’m actually going to build a website from the ground up. It turns out WordPress is way more than a blogging platform (Thanks Kraft!) and can do some awesome stuff, so I’m going to explore what I can do within that framework and probably move all of this over to the root of instead of having it reside at /blog

What to do…

I still can’t come up with a site design I like/can implement in my free time. Right now I’m focusing on getting TexBot to be able to interface with the outside world. Python is such a fun language to work in!

Also, I should probably get my resume revised and uploaded, since that is really the core reason for having this site…

WordPress and IE9 RC

A few days ago Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate to the public. Now I’ve been using IE9 since the first preview went up a few months ago, and I really like it. It didn’t totally replace Firefox for me, but that was because it was too slow.

The IE9 RC blows Firefox out of the water as far as speed goes on my Win7 netbook. Complete and total domination. The ONLY reason it hasn’t replaced Firefox at this point is the fact that it doesn’t work with WordPress. For some reason, it is impossible to write a new post on WordPress in IE9. Even in compatibility mode!

I’m not sure if this is a change that needs to be made in IE9 or in WordPress, but hopefully something gives in the near future. I’d also like for IE9 to give me the option of saving tabs on exit, but I won’t hold my breath.