Issue #1: The Coalition

This is the first entry recapping the adventures of the Marvel 512 group. Each “Issue” is a single play session of our campaign. These posts will serve as a record of the group’s adventures that can be referenced later if we forget something that happened in an earlier session.

There came a day, and an idea, unlike any other.

Nick Fury of SHIELD gathered a group of seemingly unrelated heroes in his office and requested that they join together to create a new super-team as part of “The Coalition”, an attempt by SHIELD and the government to ensure that the nation is properly defended against super-powered threats. Those heroes; the mutant Domino, the mercenary Deadpool, the reluctant hero Black Cat, and the being from another dimension The Predator, meet with Fury in his office aboard the Hellicarrier.


Fury expresses his thanks for the heroes for volunteering without knowing the details, and begins to explain how things will work. The new team will operate out of Dallas, Texas, and will be responsible for the southern region of the country. They’ll work to defend the southeast from threats beyond the scope of what normal law enforcement can handle. Another regional team, the Young Avengers, will be operating out of Jacksonville, Florida. But what would this new team call themselves?

After a quick discussion, they decide to adopt the “Avengers” moniker and be known as the “Southern (Comfort) Avengers”. Deadpool insisted that “Comfort” be part of the name.

And so, on that day, the Southern (Comfort) Avengers were born.


The team will be mostly financed by Tony Stark, who is putting more time towards clean energy initiatives and less time towards Iron Man. The government can only budget so much towards the Coalition, so Stark is providing most of the equipment and a new headquarters for the team.

The heroes will be compensated by the government for their services, but are not under contract and may leave at any time if they choose. They will not be full agents of SHIELD, but the leader of the team will be given some SHIELD clearance for access to various databases.

The first order of business is to run through a bit of training at SHIELD’s facility, Camp O’Donnel, in New Mexico. The hero with the highest marks in the training course will be designated as the leader of the team.


After running through an obstacle course, target practice, an infiltration simulation, and a team combat scenario, Domino came through with top marks. Not without difficulty, of course. Deadpool won’t ever let her live down the fact that she stumbled and fell flat on her face at the start of the obstacle course.

Fury is in the middle of congratulating the heroes on a successful training session, when an alert comes in. “Director Fury to the Hellicarrier bridge immediately! Director Fury to the bridge!”

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