Star Wars: A Newer Hope?

Star Wars tends to be a very touchy subject. Everyone hates Lucas for the special edition changes, the prequels, etc. Personally, I don’t mind the prequels, or most of the special edition changes (Though, Han shot first), which I think is why my brain always goes the direction it does when I watch A New Hope.

What if George Lucas re-made Star Wars: A New Hope?

I’m not talking about new cuts or scenes or stories or prequels or sequels or any of that. I’m talking a shot-for-shot remake with a new cast and modern technology.

To those of you closing this window in rage, hear me out.

Star Wars is awesome. All of it. A New Hope is such a fantastic movie on its own that it could withstand a remake without the film being devalued. That is the only one of the films that can truly stand alone. But every time I watch it I can’t help but imagine what the film and CGI techniques of today could add to the magic of this original film.

I think my problem is the fact that I still think of Star Wars as a modern film, instead of something that was made over 30 years ago. These movies are just that magical. But with each viewing, more and more things seem older about them, and I doubt I’m the only one seeing it.

The prequels taught us that you can’t just take modern technology, Star Wars, mash them together, and have a great movie. This is why a remake would ONLY be possible if it was a complete shot-for-shot remake. No alterations of the script, no new scenes or camera angles. Everything as-is, just newer.

Now, I doubt we will ever see this, but wouldn’t it be preferred to the edits and changes that Lucas has made over the years? If Lucas is making these changes just to make the films look better/more modern/truer to his vision, why not go all the way?

I think the central problem would be recasting. Who could possible play Luke Skywalker? Or voice Darth Vader? I’m not going to start spouting names, because I know I certainly couldn’t recast such iconic characters. However, the recent Star Trek movie shows that it CAN be done and people will still enjoy the film. Plus, there are certainly actors and actresses out there who could fill these roles, they just have yet to be found.

But would Lucas even go for it? He has previously said, of the special editions, “I think it’s the director’s prerogative, not the studio’s to go back and reinvent a movie.” Odds are he’s unlikely to further tarnish his legacy with a remake, as the risk/reward is so high, but with Lucas you never know.

Surely this idea has bounced around in George’s head in the past few years. If anything, I’d at least like to see a small test of this idea. Grab a few actors, pay them for a month, and shoot a few scenes, just to see how it turns out.

Who knows? If a test audience reacts positively, Lucas could be buried in a coffin made of money.

And now to begin watching another one of my favorite trilogies, The Lord of the Rings.

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  1. After watching the Red Letter Media reviews of the prequels, I’m convinced that George Lucas isn’t beholden to money but a misplaced sense of artistic integrity. So I suppose the movies could be re-made but if George Lucas is involved, it would fail. As to your original concept, I take a Jean Baudrillard-esque approach to it. It’s the same problem with all remakes, really… it would be a photocopy. It would lose its ‘soul’… the passion of all the young filmmakers desperately struggling to create something new, something the world had never seen before, despite time constraints and budget constraints and location constraints… it would be hollow.

    The reasons why the new Star Trek movie worked was because it wasn’t a shot-for-shot remake of anything, it stayed true to the characters, created an entirely new story (or parallel universe as it were), and showed us something completely new – a new artistic vision. That’s the same reason why The Departed was a successful remake of Infernal Affairs – it was the same story but with a completely different artistic vision (and a different ending).

    Note: All of the above = IMHO

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