We’re Merging!

All of my classes are starting to blur together. Oddly, this is a GOOD thing. They aren’t blurring together because I have too much to do (Though I DO have a lot of work), but because each class is covering roughly the same topics.

In my Language Change and Variation class, we’re moving into language change from a syntax point of view, which fits nicely with my Syntax class! In my Sound Patterns class, we’re starting to examine the environments that certain sounds occur in, which we already did in Language Change. The only class that is completely different is my Natural Language Processing class, which is still a lot of fun.

So, although I have a crazy amount of stuff to do, it doesn’t feel like that much because everything is merging together and it seems like a smaller load.

That doesn’t mean I’m not ready for PAX and Spring Break and such. Can’t wait!

PS: The title of this post is a quote from a movie. Probably more than one movie, but I’m thinking of one in particular. Bonus points if you know what it is!

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