So much for that “blogging more” thing (Again. Again again. Again again again.)

HOWEVER, I have good reason for it! First off, I’ve been working a lot at real work, and that’s drained a lot of my energy and drive to do things when the evening rolls around.

Second, I’ve been gaming a lot more. That’s right! The schedule worked! I’ve recently started playing Hero Academy and I’ve been kicking around on my Xbox more than I used to. Soon I’ll start my ritual series-playthrough for Halo 4 (Before each new Halo game I play through the entire series), and Borderlands 2. I’m also REALLY looking forward to Rock Band Blitz, so much so that I’m considering staying up until it hits XBLA at 2am. We’ll see.

In addition to those two things, I’ve also been working a bit on RT SideQuest stuff. Specifically I’ve been trying to rearrange/redesign the front-end of our website to be more user-friendly. The feedback we got from people who used it during RTX was really helpful, and hopefully after PAX I can get everything ironed out and running smoothly.

Speaking of PAX, I’m going to that. I’ll be working the Twisted Pixel booth again for half of the show, and running around doing fun stuff with Julia for the other half. It’ll be a blast and I cant wait!

I’ve also been working on writing my campaign for the Marvel Heroic RPG. The Civil War expansion was just released, and I’m starting a campaign pretty soon. I just need to finish a bit more content, and then find a few more players that are interested. Sound interesting to you? Let me know. We’ll probably be playing on Sunday afternoon/evenings and it’ll be internet-friendly.

Finally, the thing that has taken up the most of my time is planning for the college football season. Yes, it sounds crazy. Yes, it probably is a bit of crazy. However, that crazy has pushed me to a point where I have the first three weeks of the season completely scheduled and ready to go. Any of my friends are more than welcome to join me at Command Central during the season to enjoy a game (or two, or three, or four… or twenty-one, etc) and a beer (or two, or three… etc). Seriously, just give me a heads up that you’re heading over and I’ll make sure that I save a spot on a couch for you.

All in all, life is good. Now if someone would just figure out how the hell to extend a day by a few hours, or synthesize sleep into pill form, I’d be REALLY happy!

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