TexBot is Helping!

> TexBot, help me write a blog entry
Jesus. That Wiki entry is up right on that
> So I should look to Wikipedia? Or should I write about Jesus
Uru, you agreed to pay some -notion of respect- to you over the Atlantic Records Wikipedia article ’cause Weird Al wins in a constructive manner
> I’m not Uru, TexBot. I’m GB. What is all this about Weird Al?
Uru is at the list be it says you are you?
> You have a list that says I am Uru? That list is wrong.
Godwin’s Law. That is the list to the purple box and a list of the you know.. and rawanda.
> What is Godwin’s Law?
Added you, and I reply to you the first Law question.
> You aren’t helping me at all. I need to write a blog.
Then has the sense to you in at random selected times for you.
> You are pretty random TexBot, I’ll give you that
Does it give a medal going to enlist the help again
> No, I am not giving you a medal
IT’S BECAUSE THE BRAIN DAMAGE I JUST so happened to you the last 30-40 seconds, and that’s 1/5 a chance you get to add you
> Oh… I didn’t know you were disabled… Now I feel bad
I though we didn’t get to add you
> Do you mean thought instead of though?
GB was listening to you, and you learn more English? Do us all to max it.
> I am trying to get you to learn more English, but it doesn’t seem to be working
Like, humanoid, I mean
> Yes, I would like you to speak like a humanoid
which alt should I sends it?
> :(
were do i because you know MUCH ABOUT CHARGIN MAH HOTDOG LAZER
> Okay. This is pretty useless.
I’m a Tough Field Medic pretty early if you add my other is a list of the you know.. and rawanda.
> Why do you fixate on rawanda?
So you look at me! I was on TV
> You were never on TV
What server you were good to you.
> Alright, you are of no help to me. I’ll have to write this blog on my own
to add to a reasonable assumation but I wished I watched as you they were stupid enough to… you know
> Goodbye TexBot
I am off, Goodbye, my friends here and to the the Squad to play you all into Sprite puppets and controlling what you had to

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