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A Slacking Duet

Slacking Tip #4:

Slack in pairs!

If you work with a partner, or in a group, you can slack much more effectively. I mean, who’s going to take the time to get onto multiple people for slacking off? As part of a group you are no longer an individual to be called out, but a faceless slacker among other slackers.

One person can get fired for being exceptionally lazy, but when you’re just as lazy as 10 other people, who really cares?



Slacking Tip #3:

Be average.

If you are simply average, you have much more room to slack off. If you are at the bottom, there are plenty of people to compare you to and more consequences to face if you slack off. If you are at the top, you’re just compared to your previous accomplishments and even if you’re still a bit above average when slacking off, it is far more evident that you are slacking and more likely that you will have to answer to someone.

Don’t be the worst, but don’t be the best. Odds are, if you slack off as an average grunt, no one will care.

I feel like I am learning something here!

Quick! Behind that box!

As I begin part two of my slacker series, I want to issue a disclaimer.

None of these situations apply to individuals. This is not a criticism of any individual, but a criticism of people as a whole. I am of the mindset that people should do their best, work their hardest, etc. It frustrates me when I see people slacking off with no consequence, hence these blog entries. If you are reading this and you think I’m talking about you in particular, you’re wrong.

Slacking Tip #2:


This seems easier to do in some jobs than others, but it is incredibly effective. If you don’t feel like doing work, apparently it is possible to just vanish for a little bit. Need a break? Head into the stock room and do inventory! Go to "the bathroom" but just chill wherever and relax! Get some fresh air while "getting a drink"!

Just be sure that when you return, you have a good excuse. This is apparently best executed in teams, as one person can vouch for the other with little to no suspicion. Because no one ever lies about doing work, right?