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Lounging Around With Sumo

Trying something new with this post… a review.

This weekend I rekindled my love for my Sumo Omni beanbag. Normally when you think “beanbag” you think of a giant bag of stuff covered in questionable courduroy that was probably sitting in a corner of your grandparents’ house. Sumo bags are anything but that.

I first heard of Sumo in 2006 when they provided a seating lounge at PAX. After doing a bit of research on their products, I recieved an Omni as a gift for Christmas that year. This was by far the best piece of furniture I had in my dorm freshman year. The nylon exterior was impossible to get dirty, and took all the punishment I could dish out. The polystyrene beads always seemed to conform to the most comfortable position and never compressed. I absolutley loved to come in from class, flop down on the Omni, and watch TV or play video games.

Over the next few years my Omni was sadly pushed to a corner and rarely used, simply because I didn’t really have a good space or reason to use it. However, I recently purchased a refill of polystyrene beads to add some bulk to the Omni and started using it again. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t need a refill because the beads had spilled out (Thats acutally very hard to do) or because they compressed, I just wanted to see what some extra filling would be like. And the answer? Completely amazing. I love this thing so much more now. With the extra filling, it seems a lot easier to actually SIT on the bag and get some back/neck support. Before, I would sit with my back to a wall or desk or bed to have some neck support, but that isn’t necessary anymore.

Compared to similar products, Sumo’s stuff is priced appropriately, though it might seem steep at first glance. I haven’t tried anything but the Omni, though I’ve heard good things about their other offerings. I’m considering picking up an Otto or another Omni in the future, but I doubt I will try any of the other bags simply because they aren’t nylon. I like near-indestructible things. It suits my lifestyle.

All in all, if you’re looking for some casual furniture to lounge around on, you can’t go wrong with a Sumo Omni.

I think it would be ironic if they were made of iron…

Slacker tip #6:

Write sarcastic blog posts while at work. They totally count as work.

Slacker tip #7:

Take a week off of work RIGHT before the busiest time of the year. I apparently failed horribly at this because I took my week off TWO weeks before.

Houston, We Have a Problem.

Slacker tip #5:

If you work in a job where a computer is required, have a "tech problem"! I can’t count the number of times someone has told me "Oh wait I have to restart" or "Hang on my computer froze" or "Oh no I just got a bluescreen" when asked about some form of work. Clearly a very effective strategy. Tech problems happen and if your computer is necessary for your job, who’s going to question you?

However, I’m apparently too lucky for this strategy to work for me, as I have never really had a problem with a computer at work.

Odd that these same computers seem to act up only when certain people are using them…