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Micro-review of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"

So. This movie was fantastic. If you’re a fan of the books, stop reading and go see it. If you haven’t read the books, go see it and then read them (Or vice versa). If you have no idea who Scott Pilgrim is, but you identify with geek/nerd culture, go see it.

This is a fast-paced tribute to pretty much everything I love, and is easily creeping up my favorite films list. It does so many things right, and virtually nothing wrong. The only downside I think is the pacing, but to anyone who has read the books it makes perfect sense. The characters were almost perfect (Kim Pine being the only real exception in my mind) and really brought the pages of the books to life. Cera was the perfect blend of awkward and awesome through the whole thing.

Please, go see this movie.

Next on my movie list is "The Expendables", mostly because of this fan-trailer