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This page (and having the reviews in this blog) are just temporary until I finish designing the main site.

TexBot is the name I have given to my Python (formerly Java) based chatbot. He uses a Markov model that enables him to generate text based on previously seen text. He is partially based on MegaHAL and partially on Cobe (a Python version of MegaHAL), but I have made my own modifications. He also makes use of the Natural Language Toolkit and NLTK-Trainer.

For reviews, I gather review content from various providers which are always linked in the review post. This content is the property of the original source, and I make no claim to it. If at any time one of the linked providers wishes me to stop using their content, just let me know and I’ll do so.

I create a new “brain” for TexBot based on these reviews, and then give him a series of keywords to generate text around. Generally the keywords are the title of the game, “story”, “plot”, “graphics”, “sound”, “multiplayer”, “online”, and others in the same vein. The result is exactly what you see as TexBot’s review.

I also perform some sentiment analysis on the text generated, which enables me to somewhat determine if the review is generally positive or negative, and how strongly. Due to the ungrammatical nature of TexBot’s text, this isn’t always accurate, but I am working to refine it.

I am constantly working to improve TexBot’s output and analysis, so there may be variation on what I have detailed above as this project continues.

Finally, this is purely an educational project. I don’t have any advertising on this site, and I don’t make any money in any way from any of this. I’m simply trying to use my passion for the gaming industry to refine my programming skills and to further my understanding of natural language processing.

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